Source code : zeRace-0.7.tar.gz
Windows binaries :

New features : see the changes

The purpose of this little car game is very simple : do the best time on each track.
It is inspired by the online game "Renault F1", as well as other free games like GeneRally and Trophy (I use some sounds from this game too).
Some tracks are those from the ICFP Programming Contest.
zeRace is coded in C and uses the SDL library.

Todo and wishlist : Wiki
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Another game with the same concept : pyRacerz

zeRace : track creation

In order to create new tracks, you need to have the 2 following files in the "tracks" directory : You must also edit the "list.txt" file in order to add infos for your track.
Disable your internet connection since this file is overwritten each time the game is launched !