Last version : irssistats-0.75.tar.gz

New features : see the changes

This tool generates IRC stats based on irssi logs.
I wrote it because I could not find any tool dedicated to this log format.
It is writen in C to be faster.
Contributions (new languages, themes, patches) are welcome !

Todo and wishlist : Wiki
Forum : phpBB

Windows binaries :
FreeBSD port :
Gentoo port :;name=irssistats
Mac OS X port :

Usage : irssistats.pdf

FAQ : What should be the log format ?
The log format should be the default log format irssi uses. You should not use any theme that changes this log format in order to use irssistats. Here is what the default log format looks like :
21:39 -!- royale [] has joined #channel
21:43 <@john> hello
21:57 < royale> hi

Examples : Similar projects :