zr364xx driver is included in the Linux kernel mainline since version 2.6.22

If you are lucky you just need to run "modprobe zr364xx" and start using your camera with an application like Ekiga.

If not, you should download the latest kernel source, and build it with the support for this driver.
The module is called zr364xx, and the option "CONFIG_USB_ZR364XX" to enable is located under:
Device Drivers > Multimedia devices > Video capture adapters > V4L USB devices > USB ZR364XX Camera support.

The latest code is kindly hosted by the LinuxTV project:
You can send me contributions by email.

Old resources

Please note the following is not maintained anymore.

V4L2 version : zr364xx-0.71.tar.gz
V4L1 version : zr364xx-0.64-fix1.tar.gz

Old changelog : see the changes
Todo and wishlist : Wiki
Forum : phpBB

Supported devices (not updated) : (more webcams in the spca5xx list)

0x08ca0x0109AiptekPocketDV 3300
0x08ca0x0109MaxellMaxcam PRO DV3
0x041e0x4024CreativePC-CAM 880
0x0d640x0108AiptekFidelity 3200
0x0d640x0108PrakticaDCZ 1.3 S
0x0d640x0108GeniusDigital Camera (?)
0x05460x3187PolaroidiON 230
0x0d640x3108PrakticaExakta DC 2200
0x05950x4343ConcordEye-Q Duo 1300
0x05950x4343ConcordEye-Q Duo 2000
0x05950x4343DigitrexDSC 1300
0x05950x4343FirstlineFDC 2000
0x0bb00x500dConcordEyeQ Go Wireless
0x0feb0x2004CRS Electronic3.3 Digital Camera
0x0feb0x2004Packard BellDSC-300
0x055f0xb500MustekMDC 3000
0x08ca0x2062AiptekPocketDV 5700
0x052b0x1a18ChipheadMegapix V12
0x04c80x0729KonicaRevio 2
0x04f20xa208CreativePC-CAM 850
0x07840x0040TravelerSlimline X5
0x06d60x0034TrustPowerc@m 750
0x0a170x0062PentaxOptio 50L

This module is compatible with the Video for Linux API 2 (v4l2) in order to be usable in common applications.
It has been tested with : Since v4l1 API is now deprecated, zr364xx has switched to v4l2 API since version 0.70.
So zr364xx is not compatible anymore with some old software (xawtv, effectv, ...) until they switch to v4l2 too.

The module is heavily inspired by the file "usb-skeleton.c", "vicam.c" and "spca50x.c".

The camera seen in Ekiga!

Old comments

If you just want to get on your PC the pictures and movies on the camera, you need to use the usb-storage module.

Maybe this code can work for other JPEG/USB cams based on the Coach chips from Zoran?
Possible chipsets are : ZR36430 (ZR36430BGC) and maybe ZR36431, ZR36440, ZR36442...
You can try the experience changing the vendor/product ID values (look at the source code).
You can get these values by looking at /var/log/messages when you plug your camera, or by typing : cat /proc/bus/usb/devices.
If you manage to use your cam with this code, you can send me a mail ( with the name of your cam and a patch if needed...

For others Aiptek webcams, you should try the spca50x driver :
I would like to thanks Michel Xhaard for his help and support.

There is another project that also supports cameras based on this chipset using another technique :

The lsusb command outputs : Zoran Microelectronics, Ltd

You can read the history of this driver here.