jMoule (2004)

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jMoule is a frontend for mlDonkey.
It is coded in Java (the "j" in the soft title) and is inspired by well known clients like eDonkey and eMule ("Moule" is the french word for "mould").

To run this program, you will need Sun's JRE 1.3.
Then to launch the runnable package, simply type : java -jar jMoule-0.3.jar

The source code is quite ugly and the program is unstable... but it works ;-)
jMoule is made of two main parts : I have spend some time reading the source code of mlDonkey to understand the protocol used to communicate between the "Core" and the "Gui".
The documentation of mlDonkey is not complete on this point so I wrote a page on the mlDonkey Core/Gui protocol.

jMoule in action !